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Four programs to be chosen according to the circumstances and to the places, but all presenting an equal vocal quality.

1 – The soul of the Old Russia.


This program is exclusively made up of Russian orthodox liturgical songs, originating in the large monasteries of the areas of Kiev and of Novgorod, sung capella. It presents works of the great Russian composers Bortniansky, Tchaïkovski, Rimski-Korsakov, Tchesnokov, Arkchangelsky, Lvov… This program is adapted perfectly to be performed in churches and cathedrals as well as in rooms.

2 - A musical voyage through eternal Russia.


Today’s Russia, is presented on one hand by traditional songs and on the other Russian popular songs. The first part is composed of traditional songs: from the oldest told legends, like that of the” Twelve brigands”,  to  Russian love songs of the composers Gourilev, Glinka, Varlamov, Verstovsky… The second part is devoted to the all-time popular songs like” the boatmen of the Volga”, Stenka Razine”,” Kalinka”…

3 – Cossacks Polyphonies.


This part is moving, full of warmth and emotions: joys and sorrows, love and despair. Singing emphasizes the feelings of freedom, of glory. The fight for existence and peace is expressed in the amplitude and the depth of the voices. Variations of  harmony and rhythm, the strength of the polyphonies by their intense musical richness gives the audience a mutual pleasure.  This is the discovery of the true Cossack legend.

4 – A Slavic Christmas.


Christmas via the history of traditions and the emotions of the Slavic people. In this program the traditional versions of the beginning of Christianity until today are represented by the Ukrainian composers: Stetsenko, Léontovitche, Kochyts, Avdievsky… Christmas carols, when sung to people, flood the hearts of the masses in order to fill their minds of its authenticity and its diversity, it is always appropriate.



Through these four programs, they take us on a true musical and cultural voyage into the heart of Old Russia. It’s not a folk group but resolutely a contemporary ensemble which however draws its inspiration from the sources of the tradition.

“In fact, there are only seven people in the choir here, but one hears twenty even thirty of them. Exploited to its limit, polyphonic art diminishes the sheet music used by low, a baritone, two tenors and a contratenor.”

” Ranging from low basses to crystalline high pitches, their voices cover a total of three and a half octaves. A true phenomenon of vocal art, this Russian training is regarded as one of best in Europe.”
West France.

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